Ethne Global Services

Empowering Refugees Holistically Locally

Who We Are

Why Do We Exist?

Ethne Global Services exists to help refugees and displaced peoples assimilate holistically into their new communities. Ethne Global Services is based on the concept of thinking globally and acting locally. We are committed to serving and connecting with people from the beginning of their transition until they are established and are able to be self-sustained in their new communities.

Through education we are able to serve displaced people, such as refugees, to resettle and integrate into their new culture. This includes teaching them the language of their new culture, providing quality cultural education, and seeking to help them find sustainable vocational opportunities, all while helping them be proud of their individual heritage.

What Are We Involved With?

Locally, EGS will seek to educate, train, and model life skills for each person we serve, through a mentorship program. Mentors for EGS will be staff and volunteers who weekly aide the refugee/displaced people in all areas of life, including but not limited to green card registration, housing needs, assistance with employment opportunities, and teaching them how to reach their goals (vocationally, financially, holistically).

The Global Connection

EGS is also connected globally, and has aided asylee’s returning to their homeland to rebuild infrastructure, such as schools and housing. EGS is currently raising funds to help rebuild schools in Afghanistan, as well as a new "Dream Center" in the DRC.

Further, EGS is funding and supporting a school in Mae La Refugee camp in Thailand. Yearly, EGS travels to the refugee camp to teach, aide, and build relationships with students and teachers whose goal is to help refugees become educated while living at the camps.

If you are interested in working with EGS, please click here and you will be directed to the appropriate person. If you would like to support EGS financially, please go to our donor relations section where you can give online.


EGS is run by its Board of Directors, who work closely with staff and other volunteers to effectively aide and educate those in need.

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